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She Loveth Much

Monday, March 29th, 2010
(Luke 7)

I crept into the room where they reclined;
Alone I stood as all began to eat.
My weeping eyes were fixed upon His feet,
And kneeling as the men with Jesus dined,
My hair with tears of gratitude entwined
Those feet o’er which I poured my perfume sweet.
With such a gift my worship was complete.
Yet as I rose the Pharisee opined,
“If Jesus were a prophet, He would know
The depths of sin in one who dared to touch,
And He from her would all acquaintance cease.”
My Savior’s answer caused fresh tears to flow:
“She loveth much who’s been forgiven much—
Your faith has healed you, daughter, go in peace.”

©2006 by Patricia S. Baker
Publication pending, Live.

Shepherd Psalm

Monday, March 29th, 2010

(Psalm 23)

Oh Lord, how can I tell You
Just what You mean to me?
In every vale I go through,
Your shepherd’s love I see.
When I am lost and helpless,
And stumbling in despair,
You come and gently lift me
With arms of tender care.
You take me to fresh pastures
Where I can lay my head;
You lead me by still waters,
And there my soul is fed.
There is no surer comfort
Than Your protective rod;
No greater joy exists than
The presence of my God!

©2005 by Patricia S. Baker
First printed in The Lutheran Digest, (Summer 2005).